Clarification Text

As Volis Mühendislik İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi, the collection, processing, and storage of the personal data of our employees in conformity with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (Law No. 6698) and the taking of all the necessary precautions in order to prevent any violations of their rights are among our basic principles.

Collection of Your Personal Data and Its Legal Reason

Your personal data is collected in digital and/or physical environment via our Company’s general directorate, printed and online forms, fax, mail, e-mail, telephone, open internet sources, corporate social media accounts, website and security cameras.
Also, your personal data is collected in order to fulfill the legal liabilities expressly provided in provisions specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law, on the basis of the conclusion and performance of the contract, establishment, usage or protection of a right, and, in case of legitimate interest, open consent legal reasons.

Why Your Personal Data Is Processed?

Your personal data is collected in conformity with the purposes specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (Law No. 6698), and are processed by our party, in order to fulfill our liability as data controller, to develop our commercial activity, and also to provide better service to you and to fulfill our human resources activity in a healthy manner. Your personal data may be processed in order to establish contact with you, to perform the offered products and services, and the concluded contracts, to provide information via e-mail, online ads, etc., to offer promotion activities regarding our products/services via campaigns tailor-made for you, and to analyze your data we process within the relevant scope in the frame of statistical and planning activities, to manage customer satisfaction and complaints, to answer the demands made via our sale offices, our website, etc., to conduct customer satisfaction surveys, to eliminate problems experienced with regard to products and services, to outsource product and service development, technology and infrastructure services, etc., to arrange information and documents, which are mandatory in the frame of the operation and to store and share data demanded by public institutions and organizations, pursuant to the relevant legislation, to fulfill notification liabilities, and to fulfill other legal liabilities, to take all the necessary technical and administrative measures in order to ensure the safety of our system and applications, to share essential information and documents in order to carry out business with our business partners in the frame of the offering and development of our products and services, to ensure efficiency management, to plan and carry out business activities and corporate communication and sustainability activities, to plan wage management and human resources processes, to follow-up legal processes, to fulfill the burden of proof in legal disputes, which may arise in the future. Also, your personal data may be processed pursuant to the Turkish Code of Obligations (Code No.: 6098), Turkish Commercial Code (Code No. 6102), Law on the Protection of Consumers (Law No. 6502), Law on the Regulation of E-Commerce, secondary legislation provisions pertaining to the abovementioned laws and codes, liabilities arising from tax legislation, situations deemed mandatory by other competent public authorities, and other legislative provisions.

Your collected personal data may be transmitted to our shareholders, competent public institutions authorized by law, and competent private person, in line with the fulfillment of the Purposes in conformity with the data processing terms specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law.

Your Rights Listed in Article 11 of the Law

You have the following rights in the capacity of concerned person,

– To learn whether or not your personal data is processed,
– To request relevant information, if your personal data is processed,
– To learn the processing purpose of your personal data, and whether they are used in conformity with the purpose,
– To know the domestic or foreign third parties to whom your personal data is transmitted,
– To demand the correction of your personal data, in case it was processed deficiently or wrongly,
– To request the deletion or destruction of your personal data in the frame of terms provided in the law, to request that the fact that your data is corrected, destroyed, or deleted is transmitted to third persons to whom the personal data is transmitted,
– To object if any result against himself/herself occurs due to your data being analyzed exclusively through automated systems, and
– To request the indemnification of your losses, in case you suffer losses due to your personal data having been processed in a manner contrary to law.

All these rights listed above are your legal rights pursuant to Article 11 of the relevant law, and we would be happy, in case you contact us via [email protected] for all your requests and questions with regard to the relevant subject. Your application would be completed free of charge as soon as possible or within thirty days at most, depending on the nature of your request; however, if an act requires an extra cost, we may request a fee from you according to the tariff to be determined by the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.